Kaia                                                        Ichbin Your Moonlight 

Celtaur Summer Night x Freya at Ichbin (Swe. Imp.) 
D.O.B 04/02/2007
Elbows 1
Ichbin Your Moonlight, aka Kaia, was the first Munsterlander to arrive in our home and was an enlightening introduction.
A sensitive girl Kaia takes reassurance from her family and allows her sweet personality to blossom at every occasion. 
She is a boldly marked plated munsterlander, what she lacks in spots she makes up for in gentle kindness. An eternal puppy in mind she lives for nothing more than the thrill of the park and the warmth of the home.
At just over a year old Kaia was diagnosed with Medial Compartment Disease, a form of elbow dysplacia, but with practical realistic management she has had few restrictions and joins in at every occasion. 
Kaia has an incredibly trainable personality, combining biddability with keen intelligence she flourished at training as a youngster and remains an attentive girl. Proving the natural ability inherent in the breed Kaia passed the Large Munsterlander Natural Apitude Test first time without any prior training.
With a special place in the heart this unique munsterlander proves how diverse the breed can be whilst showcasing all their captivating attributes.